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The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board administers Wisconsin election and ethics laws.  It is independent and non-partisan.  Below are editorials and letters to the editor published in newspapers and television, discussing the structure and actions of the GAB.

Attacking the GAB - Editorials (1 newspaper, 4 total)

Goodbye, Speech Police 11/19/15 Wall Street Journal
More Wisconsin Emails 9/16/15 Wall Street Journal
We "the Sheeple"


Wall Street Journal
Wisconsin's Friend at the IRS


Wall Street Journal

Supporting the GAB - Editorials (15 newspapers, 1 TV, 46 total editorials)




Death of GAB is a sad day for democracy 7/1/16 Lacrosse Tribune
Lawmakers going back to bad old days with death of Government Accountability Board 6/5/16 Wisconsin State Journal
Already, a dustup for elections agency 5/21/16 Beloit Daily News
Good government absorbs big blow 12/19/15 Beloit Daily News
Scott Walker should veto GAB, secrecy measures 11/17/15 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Open, honest government pummeled 11/15/15 Eau Claire Leader Telegram
Tell Scott Walker to veto two bad bills 11/15/15 Wisconsin State Journal
Discussing which way the wind blows in Madison 11/10/15 Matt Johnson in the LaCrosse Tribune; follow-up letter
GAB, campaign finance bills take state in wrong direction 11/5/15 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Republicans have plans for GAB 11/8/15 Phil Hands cartoon in the Wisconsin State Journal
Take a stand for clean government 11/1/15 Wisconsin State Journal, & Dunn County News
Don't scrap nonpartisan GAB 10/28/15 Green Bay Press Gazette
Tinkering with GAB a blatant act of manipulation 10/28/15 Vernon County Broadcaster
Bad week for accountability 10/24/15 Beloit Daily News
Editorial Board's final thoughts 10/24/15 Appleton Post Crescent
Don't let GAB change disrupt elections 10/21/15 Lacrosse Tribune
Dismantling GAB weakens government 10/17/15 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
GOP ethics "reform" recipe for corruption 10/16/15 Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
Lawmakers poised to enshrine subterranean campaign cash 10/15/15 Tomah Journal
Changes to GAB would be assault on good government 10/7/15 WISC-TV
Judge offers strong idea to save the GAB 10/4/15 Wisconsin State Journal
GAB "reform" proposals would only expand and extend corruption 9/9/15 Capital Times
Election, ethics watchdog just trying to do its job 8/25/15 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Clean audit more reason to keep GAB 8/23/15 Wisconsin State Journal, LaCrosse Tribune
No good reason to make changes 8/22/15 Beloit Daily News
Governor, GOP ignore evidence GAB has no problems 8/21/15 WISC-TV
Let watchdog do it job without partisanship 8/6/15 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
GOP wrong to dismantle elections board 8/4/15 LaCrosse Tribune, Chippewa Herald, Dunn County News
Sensible senators should save the GAB 8/2/15 Wisconsin State Journal
Darts and Laurels 8/2/15 Kenosha News
GAB should remain intact 7/28/15 Racine Journal Times
People lose with partisan control 7/27/15 Beloit Daily News
Proposal to shut down GAB is attack on open government 7/21/15 WISC-TV in Madison
Don't replace state's elections watchdog agency 7/21/15 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Little evidence suggests GAB out to get GOP 7/12/15 Wisconsin State Journal and Oshkosh Northwestern
Get to bottom of GAB report 7/11/15 Beloit Daily News
State GOP should leave independent agencies alone 2/19/15 Racine Journal Times
Say no to look-the-other-way ethics, elections board 1/31/15 Beloit Daily News
2015 above   2014 below
A GOP attack on the GAB 12/18/14 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Don't swap retired judges for party hacks 12/14/14 Wisconsin State Journal
GAB calm in middle of political storm 10/5/14 Wisconsin State Journal
Legislature threatens GAB's independence 7/21/14 Appleton Post Crescent

Attacking the GAB - Columnists (7 + 2 duplicates)

Reforms maintain necessary oversight 11/17/15 Senator Terry Moulton in the Chippewa Herald.  Rebuttal letter
Campaign finance bill increases transparency 11/12/15 4 Representatives in the Green Bay Press-Gazette
GAB does not complete the job it is suppose to 10/27/15 College Republicans in the Badger Herald
Legislation will return accountability to elections 10/23/15 Rep. Ed Brooks in the Tomah Journal, SWnews4U.com See reply.
GAB changes seem likely... 9/17/15 Al Campbell in Germantown NOW
Partisan GAB will be fair, transparent 9/11/15 Rep. Joe Sanfelippo in Wi State Journal and Mil. Journal Sentinel.  See reply letter and column.
Will the Government Accountability Board continue unchanged?


Al Campbell in Germantown NOW

Supporting the GAB - Columnists (32 + 9 duplicates)




Government Accountability died the end of June 7/1/16 Senator Kathleen Vinehout in the Tomah Journal
Scott Walker and the Republicans celebrate the death of the GAB 7/3/16 Phil Hands in the Wisconsin State Journal
The assault on democracy during 2015 1/6/16 Jay Heck of Common Cause in the Capital Times
Bush v. Gore in 2000:  Partisans still in charge 12/11/15 Rick Hasen in the Orlando Sentinel
Taking revenge on good government 11/4/15 Senator Julie Lassa in the Tomah Journal
Politicians weaken the oversight of politicians 10/28/15 Paul Adair in Germantown NOW
Reforming the GAB is recipe for corruption in Wisconsin politics; should remain nonpartisan 10/27/15 College Democrats on the Badger Herald
Republican bills open Wisconsin to corruption 10/22/15 Rep. Mark Spreitzer in the Janesville Gazette Extra
Dismantling GAB is shortsighted, misguided 10/21/15 Congressman Mark Pocan and former Senator Dale Schultz in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Democracy is at stake with attack on GAB 10/17/15 Sen. Kathleen Vinehout in the Capital Times
BOO!  Hands off the GAB 10/14/15 Pam Kobielus in the Capital Times
GOP seeks to 'get even' with attack on GAB 10/12/15 Dave Zweifel in the Capital Times
Don't replace nonpartisan GAB with a failed model 10/10/15 Andrea Kaminski in the Fond du Lac Reporter; LaCrosse Tribune; Janesville Gazette Extra
Don't "fix" a GAB that isn't broken 10/6/15 Nancy Kaplan in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Republicans simply out for revenge on GAB 10/4/15 Ernst-Ulrich Franzen in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
FEC isn't right model for Wisconsin 9/18/15 Professor Barry Burden in the Wi State Journal, reply to Sanfelippo
GAB is doing its job 8/23/15 Ernst-Ulrich Franzen, Journal Sentinel's associate editorial page editor
Be suspicious of changes to election agency 8/20/15 Steve Lund, Kenosha News editorial page editor
Challenges to open government reveal troubling pattern 8/7/15 Senator Julie Lassa in the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
GAB does not deserve torrent of disrespect 8/6/15 Bill Lueders in the Green Bay Press Gazette, Wausau Daily Herald and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Vote-counting GAB targeted with Walker running as 'favorite son' 7/27/15 Steve Walters in the Janesville Gazette (Does not contain express advocacy.)
Don't turn our government watchdog into a lap dog 7/24/15 Rep. Terese Berceau in the Capital Times online
Beware of politicians who target watchdogs 7/24/15 Andrea Kaminski, LWV Wi, Wausau Daily Herald, Green Bay Press-Gazette,  Cap Times,   LaCrosse Tribune Tomah Journal Onalaska Courier Life
Is GAB a watchdog or a lap dog? 1/23/15 Reps. Berceau and Sargent in the Capital Times
Keep the GAB nonpartisan and free to investigate 1/17/15 Judge Michael Brennan in the WI State Journal
Wisconsin Government Accountability Board works 1/11/15 Judge Thomas Barland in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2015 above   2014 below
GOP wants to kill the umpire in Wisconsin elections 12/27/14 Joel McNally in the Capital Times
Election referees 12/22/14 Phil Hands cartoon in the Wisconsin State Journal
Wisconsin partisans want to kill the Watchdog 12/21/14 Andrea Kaminski, LWV Wi, in the MJS
Don't let GAB 'reform' mean return to corruption 12/20/14 Senator Kathleen Vinehout in the Capital Times
A GOP attack on the GAB 12/18/14 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Attacks on GAB Unfounded 10/26/14 Judge David Deininger in the Wisconsin State Journal
Keep hands off the GAB 10/15/14 Professors Burden, Cannon, Mayer, Moynihan in the MJS
Protect independence of our election watchdog 12/6/11 Don Moynihan in the Capital Times

Letters to Editor from citizens attacking the GAB (1)

Replace the GAB 10/20/15 Mindy Portman in the MJS
The GAB isn't really independent


Verne Siverling in the
Wi State Journal.  See reply.

Letters to Editor from citizens supporting the GAB (38 + 7 duplicates)

Intimidated governor hides GAB bill signing 1/2/16 Dick Tschanz in the Wisconsin State Journal
Mourning the demise of the watchdog 12/25/15 Carol Sorsoleil in the Chippewa Herald
Walker's reasons for dismantling of GAB are suspect 12/11/15 Paul Malischke in the Racine Journal Times & WSJ
Learn the facts about state's GAB 11/19/15 Paul Malischke in the Chippewa Herald
GOP should focus on jobs, not GAB 11/15/15 Bob Vetter in the Wisconsin State Journal
Replacing state Government Accountability Board just returns partisanship 11/6/15 Philip Schauer in the Janesville Gazette Extra
Don't let Government Accountability Board be dismantled 11/3/15 Rita Pachal in the Wausau Daily Herald
GAB audits were done 11/1/15 Paul Malischke in the MJS; Vernon County Broadcaster;
GAB isn't as spooky as the GOP thinks 10/30/15 Robert Bellman in the WSJ
Brooks' column mangles the facts 10/27/15 Paul Malischke in the Tomah Journal, reply to Rep. Brooks' column
What are they afraid of? 10/26/15 Earl Larsen in the MJS
County relies on GAB 10/24/15 Joseph Czarnezki in the MJS
Legislation would create terrible changes in Wisconsin elections 10/21/15 Sam Liebert in the Janesville Gazette Extra
Clean government, water rights 10/23/15 Kathleen Kascewicz in the Superior Telegram
The people don't support dissolving GAB 10/23/15 Donna Kirschenmann in the Wisconsin State Journal
We need GAB to help fight corruption 10/22/15 James Hoban in the Lacrosse Tribune
Wisconsin finds itself at the tipping point 10/21/15 Gail Halmstad in the Chippewa Herald
Wisconsin needs a non-partisan Government
Accountability Board
10/21/15 Laurene Bach in the Jackson County Chronicle, & Superior Telegram, & Wausau Daily Herald
GAB provides important oversight 10/22/15 Carol Buelow in the Wisconsin State Journal
Don't let Republicans dismantle the GAB 10/20/15 Margaret Wood in the LaCrosse Tribune
Don't eliminate state elections board 10/20/15 Sue Miller in the LaCrosse Tribune
Two bills rushing through state Capitol would erode good government 10/19/15 Mark Fuller in the Janesville Gazette Extra
Wisconsin politicians keep doing damage 10/19/15 Mary Lou Tessmer in the Wisconsin State Journal
Keep the Government Accountability Board as is 10/15/15 Anita Rappe in the Herald Times Reporter
GAB referees are key to fair elections 10/13/15 Glenn Schmidt in the Wisconsin State Journal
GAB is a national model 10/12/15 Pamela Penn in the MJS
GAB should remain nonpartisan 10/4/15 Judge Gordon Myse
A plea for the GAB 9/19/15 Jean Seitz in the Capital Times
Partisan GAB would lead to more gridlock 9/14/15 Bob Larsen in the Wi State Journal, reply to Sanfelippo
Let the Government Accountability Board do its job 9/9/15 Phil Blazkowski in the Capital Times
Forum will consider Wisconsin GAB 9/8/15 Virginia Kirsch in the Wausau Daily Herald
Open government and Wisconsin values are at stake 9/3/15 Kathy Kascewicz in the Lakeland Times
Attack on Government Accountability Board compromised democracy 8/27/15 Ernie Wittwer in the Capital Times, Wi State Journal
Tell reps to stop the attack on GAB 8/19/15 Rita Wittwer in the Capital Times
Our leaders must work to protect us 8/5/15 Carol Lenz in the Appleton Post-Crescent
Most GAB members appointed by Walker 8/3/15 Carl Silverman in the Wi State Journal, replying to Verne Siverling
Tell lawmakers to keep nonpartisan GAB 7/31/15 Bill Dagnon in the Wisconsin State Journal, Capital Times and Leader-Telegram
Wisconsin deserves better leadership 7/27/15 Gary Moseson in the Wisconsin State Journal
Open, ethical government 7/27/15 Barbara Seguin in the Beloit Daily News
Tell Republicans to leave GAB alone 7/26/15 Dick Tschanz in the Wisconsin State Journal
GAB needs more power to fight shenanigans 7/22/15 Ann Collins in the Wisconsin State Journal
GAB watchdog needed more than ever 1/11/15 Co-Presidents, League of Women Voters of Dane County
GAB more transparent than Caucuses 7/21/14 Paul Malischke in the Wisconsin State Journal

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