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Existing rules according to the GAB web site

Expired emergency rule for election observers

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Status of Proposed Rules

When promulgating rules, GAB tries to avoid public hearings by using the 30 day notice p. 23

Administrative Register, a bi-monthly bulletin on rules progress

When rules are proposed, they must include info on adjacent states

Minnesota Rules

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Michigan Election Rules

   Administrative Rules for Election Administration

by the Government Accountability Board

New Rules, or Rules Undergoing Change or Review

  Subject Comments
  Pre-election testing of voting equipment Nov 2007, SEB directed staff to develop rules.  See minutes, page 4.  Staff has not taken any visible action.
GAB 3.25 + handling voter registration forms First draft discussed at May 5 2008 GAB meeting, page 57 of agenda.  Scope statement June 1, 2008 administrative register page 12. Clerk committee recommendation to Board for Aug 27 meeting
GAB 4 Observers - existing rule has been overruled by statute At Aug 27, 2008 meeting, GAB directed staff to promulgate emergency rule.  Emergency rule in effect until Feb 22, 2009
GAB 5 security of ballots and voting equipment OK'd by GAB May 5 2008 (p. 10 of agenda.) Paul Malischke's letter.  Scope statement in June 1, 2008 Administrative register page 13.  Proposed rule in Aug 15 Administrative Register, page 21 to 25.  FEW filed a petition for a public hearing held on Nov. 11, 2008
GAB 7 Voting Equipment approval Due for major review summer 2008.  See May 5 agenda, page 108
GAB 13 Training of election officials OK'd by GAB see Jan 08 minutes page 3.


  Existing Rules Comments

Voter registration

Added 3.01, 3.03, 3.10 to 3.13 (special registration deputies), and 3.20, relating to voter registration.  Effective Feb 1, 2008.  Was CR07-059, which compares to 4 adjacent states

Added 3.04 requiring provision of certain information by election-day voter registration applicants.  Was CR06-137, which compares to 4 adjacent states.  Effective 4/1/2008

Added 3.50 charges for voter registration data.  Effective Feb 1, 2008.  Was CR07-043, which compares to 4 adjacent states

GAB 5 Ballot Security New version in progress - see above
GAB 7 Voting Equipment Approval Due for major review
GAB 9 Challenges at polling place Reaffirmed by GAB May 2008
GAB 11 Training and certification of chief election inspectors Was CR05-093.   Effective July  2007
GAB 12 Municipal clerk certification and training Approved by SEB Nov 2007, p. 3 of minutes Scope statement Aug 15, 2007, page 12.  Submitted rule proposal under 30 day notice April 15 (page 16).  CR-08-24 report April 2008. Submitted to legislature June 17, 2008 (p.37)  Takes effect Dec 1, 2008
GAB 20 Complaints Formerly ElBd 10
GAB 21 Communications Tells where to send your letter


May 5 2008 Meeting  Gov't Accountability Board meeting

Comment letters on rules for Security and Voting Equipment Approval from Paul Malischke

State Elections Board Nov 28 2007.  They passed a resolution to direct staff to promulgate rules for pre-election testing of voting machines, per a request from Paul Malischke

Security of Voting Equipment and Ballots

Security Rules were on the agenda of the State Elections Board Meeting of Sept 12 2007.  Amendments to strengthen them were proposed on behalf of Fair Election Wisconsin.  The members of the Board made favorable comments towards the amendments.

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