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Hospitalized or Quarantined Voters - Frequently Asked Questions

Resources:  Statute 6.86(3) 

WEC web page                                    WEC memo March 29, 2020

WEC Absentee request form              Madison’s Hospitalized absentee request form

Can voters in quarantine or isolation from Covid-19 use the voting procedure for hospitalized voters?
Yes.  “At its March 27 meeting the Commission voted to expand the definition of hospitalized electors to include those quarantined in their home due to COVID-19.”  Memo March 29, 2020.

Does an agent for a hospitalized voter need to be an eligible Wisconsin voter?
No.  The WEC writesThe elector may appoint anyone as their agent.” 
.  The WEC writes: “an agent (any qualified elector of their choosing)…”

What does the statute say about this contradiction?
There are no statutory limitations on who can be an agent.  However:

  • If the voter is unable to sign the forms due to physical disability, they may authorize someone to sign for them.   That person needs to be an “elector.”

  • The witness (the person who signs and puts their address on the certificate envelope) needs to be an adult U.S. citizen, the same as for any absentee ballot.

  • The agent will need their own ID to show the municipal clerk.

Does the agent’s ID need to meet the same requirements as acceptable ID’s for voters?
No. There are no specific requirements for the agent’s ID.  Statute 6.86(3)(b) reads “An agent who is issued an absentee ballot under this section shall present documentation of his or her identity…”

May one person be an agent for multiple voters?
Yes, according to the WEC.

May a voter register to vote during this procedure?
Yes.  They use the standard registration form and provide proof of residence.

Does the voter need to be hospitalized on Election Day, or just on the day that they and the agent undertake the process?
According to the WEC, voters may use the hospitalized elector process in the seven days before an election if they know that they will still be in the hospital on Election Day. 

May this procedure be completed before Election Day, perhaps on the day before?

Below is under construction

If the voter is registering, can the agent take a picture of the voter’s proof of residence and show it to the clerk on the agent’s phone?


To meet the voter ID requirement, can the agent take a picture of the voter’s ID and show it to the clerk using the agent’s phone?


If the ballot is completed before election day, does it need to be brought to the clerk’s office, or can it be put into a drop box?


If the ballot is completed on Election Day, should it be brought to the clerk’s office,  or the voter’s polling place?


Are the answers the same if the voter is registering as part of this procedure?


This FAQ prepared by Paul Malischke, with help from others.

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