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Resources for Wisconsin Redistricting:

Draw the Line Wisconsin

Legislature Redistricting web page

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign including a timeline

Guide adjusting wards by LRB 2010

La Crosse County ad hoc Committee website including resolution


List of 30 resources compiled by Wis Democracy Campaign

NYT maps by race, income, etc

Dave Bradlee's redistricting App

Columbia Law School

Public mapping software

General Wis Legislature:

Wisconsin Legislature

All bills by number

Statutes TOC

Who is Lobbying?

Legislature Committee Schedule

Get automatic notification of committees or bills

Administrative Rules


   Redistricting in Wisconsin


Make Our Votes Count - a group demanding transparency

La Crosse County has set up an ad hoc redistricting committee consisting of 7 Board members and 5 others.  The Committee website includes the founding resolution and minutes of meetings.

Eileen Bruskewitz drafts a resolution for Dane County

City of Madison establishing an ad hoc committee

Event on July 22, hosted by the Midwest Democracy Network.
National and state experts presented an educational forum on redistricting.  See it on Wisconsin Eye.

National resources on redistricting

Columbia Law School class on redistricting

Ohio had a competition open to the public, with specific criteria for judging plans

Brennan Center - redistricting page

George Mason University - Dr. Michael McDonald's page

McDonald - Principles for Transparency and Public Participation in Redistricting

University of Southern California - The Redistricting Game

Redistricting Bills introduced, but not passed by the April 22 end of the Wisconsin legislative session

# & Main Sponsor




Comments – for & against

SJR-42 Taylor Public hearing Dec 15 excludes incarcerated from redistricting same as AJR-63  
AB-145 Kessler March 13 referred to Com. on State affairs legislative review of municipal districts sub amendment same as AJR-2
AB-872 Black referred to E&CR March 19, 2010 LRB submit re-districting to legislature    
AJR-29 Kessler Hearing Nov 17 Specifications for redistricting Constitutional amendment press release
AJR-63 Kessler Referred to Rules Committee April 16, 2010 excludes incarcerated from redistricting Constitutional amendment.  Same as SJR-42 press release June 18 website: prisoners of the census

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