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Report by the Wisconsin Grassroots Network - July 31, 2013

Press Release

This excellent report recommends changes in Wisconsin's audits:

  • Audits be completed before election results are certified.

  • Audits be conducted for every election.

These recommendation are aligned with FEW's recommendations.  FEW also has these recommendations that are not in the report:

  • The GAB be required to issue a comprehensive and timely report on the audits.

  • The county Boards of Canvassers oversee the audit as a part of their normal canvassing procedure.  This would insure timely, open, and well-noticed audits, as well as assure that experienced people are performing the audit.

  • There be at least some hand counts of those contests subject to recount, either by audits, or by allowing recounts to be done by hand, as in AB-225

Audit information from 2006 to 2012

GAB Audit information Nov. 2012

GAB Audit Information Nov. 2008

Wisconsin needs a statute to require audits.

In 2003, Wisconsin passed legislation to conform to HAVA.  This mentioned audits to verify the accuracy of the voting machines.  After the November 2006 election, Wisconsin ran a crippled audit that was not intended to affect the contests.  The election results were certified long before the audit report was issued in April 2007

Final complete audit procedure, which quotes the statute 7.08(6) that triggered the audit.

This audit only covers November elections.  We need audits of vote counts for all of Wisconsin's elections.  Future audits must be completed before certification of the results. We need legislative action to mandate this.  See September 19, 2006 letter in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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