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News articles and letters:

"Walker's reasons for dismantling of GAB are suspect"

"Learn the facts about state's GAB"

"Nerison's comment included disproven allegation"

"GAB audits were done"

"Brooks' column mangles the facts"


GAB Report on audits from 2008, 2010, 2012 page 13

GAB report on 2014 audit

LAB report, page 43

GAB response to 14 points raised, including #13 audits




Post-Election Voting Machine Audits

Cover pages of the worksheets from 2008 audits, file 1,  234567, 8910.

Cover pages of the worksheets from 2010 audits, file 123456.

Cover pages of the worksheets from 2012 audits, file 123456,  7, 8910.

File from the 2008 audits of the Populex voting machine, Fern

File from the 2008 audits of the Populex voting machines, Gull Lake

In his Tomah Journal column of October 23, Representative Ed Brooks attempted to justify the dismantling of Wisconsin’s elections agency, the Government Accountability Board.   Concerning one of these justifications, Representative Brooks writes:  The GAB was also supposed to audit electronic voting equipment, which it failed to do for the 2008, 2010, and 2012 general elections.”  This allegation is similar to the ones made by Representatives Dean Knudson and Joe Sanfelippo at the October 13 hearing for the bill to dismantle the GAB.

In fact, these audits were done.  I made an open records request for the worksheets used in the audits.   I found over 200 individual files on these audits, for 2008, 2010, and 2012.  You can see the cover sheets for these files, which include municipalities all over Wisconsin, at the links above.

In their December 2014 report, the Legislative Audit Bureau criticized the GAB for not writing a comprehensive report on these audits until 2013.  However, since the audits found no tabulation problems, writing a report was not an immediate priority for GAB staff.  In fact, there is no requirement for a comprehensive report in state statutes, administrative rules, or policy.

The Legislative Audit Bureau also wrote that in 2008, the GAB did not audit one model of voting equipment, namely, the Populex voting machine.  Perhaps the LAB did not dig as deeply as I did.  I found the 2008 worksheets for the audits for the Populex machines, and the entire worksheets can be viewed at the links above.  The Populex voting machines were audited in all years, even though they are used in only two Wisconsin municipalities.

Paul Malischke

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