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   2009-10 Election Administration Bills in Wisconsin           Session Archive

The main Senate committee for election bills is Labor, Elections, and Urban Affairs (LEUA)Chair is Democrat Spencer Coggs (Milwaukee).  Vice-chair is Democrat Senator Bob Wirch (Kenosha).  Democrat Members: John Lehman (Racine).  Republican members: Glen Grothman (West Bend), Alan Lasee (De Pere).

The main Assembly committee for election bills is Elections and Campaign Reform  (E&CR).  Chair is Democrat Jeff Smith (Eau Claire).  Members:   Democrats:  Fred Kessler (Milwaukee), Annette Polly Williams (Milwaukee), James Soletski (Green Bay), Kelda Helen Roys (Madison).  Republicans:  Jeff  Stone (Greendale), Don Pridemore (Hartford), Roger Roth (Appleton).

Election Administration Bill that Passed

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Comments – for & against
SB-435 Committee Passed by Senate, Assembly, signed by Gov.  Becomes 2009 Wisconsin Act 397 Allows voting machine memory to be cleared 21 days after local election   John Washburn's blog


Bills introduced, but not passed by the April 22 end of the legislative session

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Senate Bills
SJR-42 Taylor Public hearing Dec 15 excludes incarcerated from redistricting same as AJR-63  
SJR-49 Carpenter Referred to LEUA Oct 2 local non-partisan elections to be held with November partisan elections Constitutional amendment same as AJR-2
SB-179 Coggs Modified and folded into SB-640 Prohibits voter suppression fiscal estimate asks for 3 new positions same as AB-249
SB-199 Leibham May 7 referred to LEUA Requires voters to show ID 44 co-sponsors  
SB-240 Taylor Public hearing Oct 13, 1:00 pm let felons vote when out of prison same as AB-353  
SB-249 Darling Aug 5 referred to Committee on Tech Colleges election of Tech College Boards    
SB-272 Coggs modified to county residents and folded into SB-640 challenges at polling places may only be done by residents of the ward    
SB-322 Taylor Referred to LEUA Sept 30 Limits independent candidates to 5 words on ballot same as AB-454  
SB-350 Kanavas referred to LEUA Oct 14 voluntary photo ID   press release
SB-462 Coggs Jan 14, 2010, referred to Committee on Education Moves Milw. School Bd. election to Nov. 2012, 2014 Many other provisions  
SB-549 Risser Referred to LEUA Feb 22, 2010 National Popular Vote same as AB-751  
SB-640 Coggs Sub passed by Joint Finance April 7 Omnibus bill Rep Smith also sponsoring same as AB-895
SB-645 Risser folded into SB-640 sub April 6. allow voters with DL to register online section-by-section analysis identical to AB-892
Assembly Bills
AB-39 Kessler modified & folded into AB-895 satellite absentee voting locations    
AB-145 Kessler March 13 referred to Com. on State affairs legislative review of municipal districts sub amendment  
AB-163 Berceau E&CR public hearing April 21 allow political signs on rental property    
AB-249 Young modified & folded into AB-895 Prohibits voter suppression same as SB-179  
AB-330 Turner Reported out of committee Nov 24 military and overseas witness need not be citizen for absentee ballot deletes specific wording for envelope for all absentees Malischke testimony
AB-353 Grigsby Passed by E&RC 6-5.  Referred to Rules Comm.  April 16, 2010 let felons vote when out of prison same as SB-240 press release;    Video of public hearing
AB-406 Kessler Modified to county residents and added to AB-895 challenges at polling places may only be by residents of the ward same as SB-272  
AB-454 Smith Feb 16 2010 passed by Assembly.  April 9 OK'd by Senate Committee Limits independent candidates to 35 characters on ballot    
AB-545 Smith added to AB-895 allows pollworkers to work anywhere in their county    
AB-630 Kestell Dec 18, referred to E&CR require GAB to promulgate rule to enforce citizenship requirement    
AB-646 Committee passed by both houses as SB-435 storage of election records - memory cards John Washburn's blog  
AB-751 Roys Public hearing Feb 17, 2010 National Popular Vote    
AB-814 Kramer introduced 3/9/10, withdrawn April 9 Optional voter ID    
AB-872 Black referred to E&CR March 19, 2010 LRB submit re-districting to legislature    
AB-892 Berceau April 6 folded into AB-895, sub amendment, and passed by Joint Finance April 7 Allow voters to register online   Identical to SB 645
AB-895 Smith Sub passed by Joint Finance April 7 omnibus bill   same as SB-640
AB-947 Stone Introduced 4/12/10 voters must show DL or state ID    
Assembly resolutions, usually constitutional amendments
AJR-2 Sherman Referred to E&CR Eliminates spring elections.  Local races would be in the fall. Constitutional amendment. same as SJR-49
AJR-6 Kessler Feb 5 referred to E&CR Supreme court to be appointed by Governor Constitutional amendment  
AJR-26 Schneider Public hearing Sept 15, noon sets rep term at 4 years, senate at 6 Constitutional amendment  
AJR-29 Kessler Hearing Nov 17 Specifications for redistricting Constitutional amendment press release
AJR-39 Mason April 14 referred to Committee on State Affairs Lowers voting age to 17 Constitutional amendment  
AJR-63 Kessler Referred to Rules Committee April 16, 2010 excludes incarcerated from redistricting Constitutional amendment.  Same as SJR-42 press release June 18 website: prisoners of the census
April 12, 2010, referred to E&CR require photo ID to vote or register on election day Constitutional amendment  

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